Nerf Ele! by Maffay
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Lothar ( Verderbnis )
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Maffay's Arena Team 1
Zeraton Maffay
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Hello everyone!

Zeraton and I played Arena together since Season 2.

In S3 we managed to get Vengeful Gladiator Titel as Warrior & Shaman in the 2vs2 bracket.
With WotLK I have rerolled elemental Shaman and Zeraton offered me to play with him 2v2 as ele and resto Shaman.
We thought: "2 shamans? Oh man, thats crap". But o
ur first games were really nice and that was not what we had expected!

So Zeraton started to frapse some games, from his point of view. The Healing PoV.
Heal + Elemental Shaman isn't that bad.

This is not to show our "skill". We know that our opponents weren't that good! But its the combo they play against our combo I want to show.

Best regards

Maffay & Zeraton

### All Games were played between 1950-2000 Raiting###.
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