Najih Speaks Out (Recruitment) by Najih
Class: Warrior | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Allo mis breddahs, mi name be Najih! Aan mi like feeshin', singin', dancin', wo'mons, oh, aan before mi forget... Feeshin'!

But when mi nuh feeshin' mi be preachin' di word a' di Loa Kukul'kan! Praise be fi Kukul'kan!

Kukul'kan be a raptah, so mi like mi raptahs. Mi'd like fi fink dat dem like mi too, but... Well...

Mi nuh be scared a' nuhtin, like a chrue Kukul'khan followah!

So, if yu waan fi be like mi, like yu feeshin'!

Like yu dancin'!

Like yu wo'mons, or mons, dependin' on preference aan gendah.

Den yu waan fi join di Cuhl' a' di Raptah, today!


If yu be inta' Trolls, but nuh di Kukul'khan kind, join di Darkspear Chribe! Vol'jin loves wi' uol! .
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