Melodic Death Knight I by Bairangere
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - La Croisade Ă©carlate ( Némésis )
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Movie Summary

This movie is only for entertaining purpose!

This isn't an incredible skill show or some 30 minute boring arena (incredibly OPclass show fits better) ; only a couple of battlegrounds and some quick 1v2 arena, with the majority of the scenes frapsed & edited by myself a few days before my account ended.
The show is featuring “Teetewbus” a friend of mine who also played Dk (mostly Blood spec) and which I wanted in the movie, even tho his computer comes from “the past” and the fraps are a lil bit laggy.

The movie includes a lot of old-style editing easy frags and zerg rushes, (I’m a great Fan of Maydie-like movies) so once again beware! This is just a good damage/OPness show. If you're looking for some professional modern Death Knight Pvp movie I truly recommend you to wait for Serennia or any other pro-gamer dude to publish a movie, there will surely be a lot to learn. If fights vs out-geared opponents or melee rushes make you feel sick, then again, please feel like not watching this movie!
The softwares I use are some Fraps 2.8.1, Vegas 8.0, Adobe After effects & latest Wow-Model-Viewer wich I thank a lot, it’s really a fun & cool software.

Secondly, the music choice, not all public, too bad most people dislike indus/black metal or death melo, but after all, "my movie, my music”. (Sorry once again for the fact there aint so much Melodic Death Metal, but the songs just didn’t fit into the movie how I’d want them to)


Sun O))) - Belürol Pusztít
Insomnium - The Gale
Lost Eden - Before Burning To Ashes
Turmion Katilot – Teurastaja
Pain – Bye/die (after seeing Peter in Live, I just couldn’t pass on including some Pain)
Before the Dawn - Disappear

Finally, i must say I had really a lot a fun making this movie, which is dedicated to my guild & friends even tho I play a fuckin' OP class ^__^

Ps: I do not plan on making another movie, playing DK may give you the opportunity to 1v4+ easily but the gameplay and fights mechanics are not as movie-friendly nore as fun as a good old Warrior.
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