Spam Fire Stealth Tiger... Feral/Hybrid Druid PvP by got_Ammo
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Hyjal ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
This is my second video for WoW. My first one featured gameplay prior to the 1.7 patch and my talent spec (which I got plenty of flames for) which at the time was 10 balance, 25 feral, and 16 restoration. I was told over and over that "a spec without nature's swiftness is not a viable one."

Oddly enough, I doubt the recent surge of druids away from 21 points in restoration would accuse my build of not being viable anymore, though before the 1.8 patch opinions may have been different.


My new talent spec is 32 feral, 5 restoration, and 14 balance. An exact spec is included in the video. My gear is also included. I will post later with my ui mods and such.

The movie features 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 content. The pre 1.8 features my hybrid talent spec, 1.8 features my feral spec. It runs at 32 minutes long. I had a lot of trouble during encoding, so everyone is stuck with either the approximately 400mb .wmv file (which will be uploaded later) or the 500mb rar file that contains a DivX encoded .avi.

You will need the divx codec installed to watch this movie. You will need WinRar to extract the avi file.

The movie focuses on the new ability of druids and is not a movie of me fighting the best people on my server in each clip. There are good and bad players in it. I make mistakes sometimes, it's not a movie where I glorify myself. It is very difficult to acquire good footage. I sorted through over 100gb of fraps files to edit just 30 minutes of gameplay into a movie.


The official name of the movie is "Spam fire stealth tiger" after somethign people on my realm call me.

UPDATE: Due to numerous requests, here is the music used/addons:

Music (in order of appearance):

Idioteque by Radiohead

We are all Made of Stars by Moby

Seventeen Years by Ratatat

Like Spinning Plates by Radiohead

Damn it Feels good to be a Gangster by Getto Boys

Vertigo by U2

Germany to Germany by Ratatat

Bustelo by Ratatat

My UI Mods:

Scrolling Combat Text



Gypsy Buff Bar

Cooldown HUD

Damage Meters


Honor Kill Counter

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