Bananafone Survival PvP by drole
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Twisting Nether ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
What to expect:

Very silly intro
A decent amount of Bg-pvp
Two arena matches
A smart trick not many people abuse
Me being terrible at spelling!
Relatively good quality and high resolution (1280x960)

My UI i kind of small so idd certainly advice downloading and 240 megs really isn't that much. Its rendered in .mp4 for that reason.

The BG material is recorded over 1 week and the arena stuff is from 1 or 2 days worth of play, so dont expect increasingly spectacular things. That said i tried to select clips where i either do more than just spam explosive shot or is being relatively zerged to sort of counter the fact that survival is horribly overpowered atm.

The Arena matches are recorded at 2.2k and are against warlock/paladin (a countercomp) and deathknight/paladin respectively(rank 6 atm, very good team).

Music is of the more electronic kind. I prefer that and i am sorry if that is not your taste. Tracklist is as follows:

(the first two are shamelessly ripped from Hard Dance Mania 15 CD2)

Disco Cell - Das Boot (Club Mix)
Dave Darrell Feat. Hardy Hard - Silver Surfer 2009 (Cyrus Remix)
Bartlett Bros. Feat Marcia Jue - Let It Flow (Gareth Emery remix)
1200 Micrograms - Acid For Nothing

I had a ton of fun making this and will most certainly make another one, not neccesarily on my Hunter as i dont really like the way Blizzard is taking the class. I rerolled from sl/sl to hunter back in s3 to get away from mindless instantspam because i quite frankly find it boring and skillless, but is now getting treated with that again, much to my own displeasure. Sorry for being a QQing bitch, but its high time someone speaks up about this. That said i put a lot of effort into making this and hope that you will enjoy watching it.

EDIT: thanks to whoever uploaded this to wow-annexe, much appreciated.

The annexe stream is far superior in quality to the normal one, it does however have a slight problem with the sound. So if you can live through that or dont like the music anyway idd suggest going with that if you absolutely must stream.

Another ninja edit: because of all the questions i get regarding UI, here is a list of the Addons i use:

Unitframes: X-perl
Barmod: dominos
autoshot casttimer: littletrouble
range addon: range display
combat text: Miks Scrolling Combat Text
trinket menu: trinket menu
arenamod: Gladius
castbar: quartz
party chat spam regarding shots is normal macros
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