Angeles - Honor and Justice by Heraseth
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Grim Batol ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Hi, this is the first pvp movie i've made..
Most of it was created toying about and learning sony vegas.

The movie itself primarily designed for entertainment as was created in a week during patch 3.08.. Its goal is to provide a fun watch while showing some showcase of tactics and abilities other players who enjoy the class can take home :)

I actually rushed the text in the end and forgot to spell check it, so there are errors which i apologize for... i would have edited these out but unfortunately removed the core files for hdd space directly after rendering (noob movie making error)

The quality of the movie may also come across as low especially from a streaming PoV, i recommend downloading it for this reason to get the best out of it, unfortunately due to machine restrictions, i was unable to work full screen fraps capture, although it was only late into the rendering stages i realised how much of a problem this actually was, so apologies aswell if it comes across abit rushed as alot of footage was removed that had way to low a quality to even be worth using.

Any comments positive or negitive are welcome and will help determine should i decide to make another :)
Can also email any sujestions [email protected]
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