Vespira III: World PvP by Vespira
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ner'zhul ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
PLEASE READ: This is a 100% WORLD PVP movie – if you dislike world pvp and prefer arena – this video is NOT for you.


I love the old PvP movies. I remember the excitement and fun of watching videos from vanilla wow and the start of BC. However, with Wrath, it seems there are far more arena / bg movies out now than world pvp movies. I wanted to create an ENTERTAINING pvp video that could be enjoyed for what it is – fun world pvp.

What to expect
1vN Fights
Decent editing / machinima
WORLD PVP (if the point hasn’t been driven across enough yet)

This is meant to be a fun SHORT movie meant completely for entertainment purposes! This is definitely not a showcase of skill, but rather a fun ‘classic’ world pvp style video

Dropkick Murphys – Cadence to Arms
The Offspring – Million Miles Away
Junkie XL – Cities in Dust

I recommend the DL (as the quality is much higher than the stream) due to the file only being ~250MB. I can also upload a HQ version (Insane quality, 1600x900) if people are interested.

Thanks for watching!

Edit: Thank you all for the feedback and comments! WoW-Annexe was nice enough to upload my video so I added that stream - at the request of some people I am also working on uploading the extreme high quality version. Thanks again!

Edit 2: Interface mods
Dominos - For bars
Statusbars - HP / Energy / Enemy Hp / Mana (Directly under my character)
Perl Classic - Unit Frames / Focus Frame
Quartz - Cast Bars
Cooldown3 - Cooldowns (seen on right side of UI)
SCT - Combat Text

Edit 3: Seriously, thanks for all the comments! I have added the movie to Filefront now that it is back up. Also, for the people that asked, I uploaded all of my old movies to WeGame and fixed the Filefront links. Thanks again to everyone who watched!

NEEEEEEW UPDATE: I cant believe that this video is approaching 100k downloads (holy crap platinum). Again my thanks to all those that watched it and enjoyed it. I have been receiving a lot of questions lately on the various videos on youtube with different music and what not.

I have actively been using the Youtube account Vesmar Entertainment to post all sorts of new WoW videos - PVP and Non PVP related! Check it out!
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