Evolas 3 by Evolas
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

Hey guys! This video wasn't supposed to come out till next week, as I was finishing up the credits of the movie. But I was unexpectedely hit by a number of Trojan viruses which I have no way to get rid of. Many of my video files were lost, but I promised to have this video up for many people waiting. So this is what was left and the files I was able to get back.

The first and second songs have all of the PvP in them that I had before, however the arena part and my credits only showed a few parts left. So this is what I got. Please don't downrate because there are stuff left out because getting hit by viruses sucks, and I am just unfortunate to have one hit at me right before release.

Once again, I make videos purley for entertainment purposes. I do try to show some skill involved in them, but it is not my main goal. I would rather watch an interesting, creative movie rather than an extremely boring, skilled PvP vid. It is hard to get them both together, which I had done but many of the video files got wiped by the virus.

What to FULLY expect in this movie:
-Fast Paced PvP
-Duels against my 2v2 partner, Catscrtchfvr

What was lost in my video:
-2v2 Arena as Feral/Rogue comp, I planned to make this an entertaining part of the movie as many arena vids get boring quite fast. My 2v2 comp plays much differently than others. Rating was at 2120+ during film, but we started new team.

-Unfinished Credits that I put A LOT of time into, but those files were lost =*(

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy what's left of the video. I put a lot of time into the editing if I must compliment myself. Enjoy!

P.S. If you notice my Rogue's name is Krymu, and not Evolas, you are not mistaken. I xferred out of Cho'gall at the beginning of this video and at the change name option, I wanted to see if Krymu was taken...it wasn't. Sorry I am a fan of his videos, but I did that unintentionally. I will be xferring back to Cho'gall shortly under the name Evolas again.'

I did throw in a last minute clip after the credits to show people something they can expect for the Summer, Mutilate can get quite boring to watch so I will be making a ShD spec video. Maybe I'll come out with an official trailer later on, only time will tell.

Music Used:
Erasus-Celldweller (Intro)
I Could Care Less-DevilDriver (Catscrtchfvr Duels)
Symboint-Celldweller (Unfinished Arena)
To Be Loved-Papa Roach (Unfinished Credits)
One Good Reason-Celldweller (Preview for ShD)
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