Tales of the Exploiting nine - part 1 by Pulverpadda
Class: Multiple | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
i Reccomended downloading the HD version:)

This is a movie about the fun in jumping off IF's roof when your sleepdrugged (Njaff). I suddenly hear someone yelling when dueling outside IF 04:30 in the morning,
looks up and get two crazy paladins in my face :D

after joining in for a few suicidal runs, we gather 6 more ppl who eagerly get's introduction to how it's done, i get the idea of filming it...... and woooosh, i start
making my first WoW Movie ever :)

considering this was done in 2 days, lack of good material and me debuting with editing tools, i'm somewhat satisfied with our result, and sharing it with you now :)

have fun watching, and join in on The Alliance base-jumping team on Kazzak. ask people in the credits, me included, if we're doing some stuff, and feel welcome to accompany us
on the exilerating journey towards certain death :D

Humble greetings from idiot with no end,

Njaff :)
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