Stupid Fun in Ulduar! by Superkaiju
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Gul'dan ( Rampage )
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My buddy Cinnabun and I decided to go to Ulduar to screw around with any alliance we saw doing the thing. We got a few things in, nothing to special, some thunderfucks here or there, and naked fighting for no real reason other then to amuse ourselfs. But it was when we actually entered the dungeon did we find the motherload of all fun! This vid is just a short crappy thing showing that you can still have a blast in this game doing random stuff without worrying about all the end game stuff (though our guilds are doing Ulduar this weekend and we cant wait!)

This is also my very first video ever that has any type of editing (be it small and crappy) so be a little gentle? please? Movie was made to entertain, hopefully more then ourselfs.

Filefront is the better quality, but if you can stand youtube go ahead, just missing out on some jokes in there if you cant read them.

Music btw is Ironboss
1st song: Run Fast, Jump High, Die
2nd song: Jig is Up.
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