SPriest 3.1 AB PvP Fun by RopeDrink
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"ShadowPriest 3.1 AB PVP"

== THE WALL OF TEXT BELOW SAYS - This is just a string of un-edited ShadowPriest PvP clips in Arathi Basin that I whipped together while waiting for Arena Season 6 to start, as a showcase of our newfound abilities in real-time typical PvP, with no editing, no commentary, no bullshit ==

First of all, this is 50,000% UN-RELATED to any of my previous movies, so if you're not interested in ShadowPriest 3.1 PvP changes, or If you came here hoping this would be one of those artsy, nonsense comedy/parody PvP fun movies of Click-Boom - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. If you downrate this showcase because you expected something different, then you're being lame & stupid.

For the unenlightened, changes include (But are not limited to):

* Crit Capable DoT's
* 'Silence' range Increase
* Dispersion Snare Removal & Immunity
* Improved Devouring Plague (Damage on Cast + Improved damage over time)
* ShadowForm now reduces damage from all sources by 15% - Not just Physical
* Psychic Horror: On Demand 3 second Stun//10 Second Disarm on 2min CD -- (LoS Required)
* Divine Hymn Revamp (Converted from AoE Stun & HoT into Direct 'Smart' High level channel Heal)
* ShadowFiend Modified - No longer has high resistance to attacks, though it's HP has been upped to about 15k, hits harder and can phase/teleport to a target on demand - Attacks restore mana 'regardless', so even if you use it against a bubbled opponent, you will still regen mana per hit.


* In the second clip when I was being persued by the Rogue, I spin-turn and use Psychic Horror the moment I knew the Rogue would stun me - Not only does PH require LoS (You have to face the target to use it, sorry keyturners) but there is also a very slight delay between casting it, and the stun impact. To put it short, the moment the Rogue stunned me they entered the 3second stun - I wasted the opportunity by trinketting the stun when I could have waited it out and saved my Trinket (Trying to kite Rogue/DK so I was a bit impulsive) - Just a basic example of how timed (Or lucky) use of PH can really give you a tiny edge if you're quick to react thanks to the PH Cast Delay. There's been a lot of complaints by multiple Priests that PH is currently bugged for many reasons, so I won't be suprised if this is 'fixed' in the future but to be honest I quite like it this way as the delay opens quite a lot of possibilities.

* In the fourth clip 1v1 vs DeathKnight, you see me use PH to stun him the moment I saw him re-summon a ghoul. I took the three seconds to shackle the ghoul, but the Shadowfiend is scripted to switch targets if you cause any CC effect (Fear/PH/Shackles etc) against the target (DK) it was fighting, so it switched to the ghoul and broke the Shackle... This basically means you'll need to take a lot more care with ShadowFiend and to get used to the minor behaviour changes, maybe some macros so you can keep it in check, and to make sure it uses it's teleport effectively (It's on auto-cast by default and called 'Shadow Crawl' which also increases it's damage by about 25%).

* Divine Hymn is designed as a smart heal that suits instances / groups. If used on your own, it'll pretty much heal you to maximum HP within a second or two, ranging from 8k-10k per tick. It's costly on mana, but it's fast and efficient, so I'll be happy to try this out in Arena when the season starts. You can see me use it in first few clips.

* Psychic Horror stun can be dispelled, but the disarm cannot - In the last clip vs Ret Paladin (Who bubbled when I used PH to set up a Mind Blast) the bubble removed BOTH effects, so don't go throwing it away before bubble or it could be a total waste in their favour as they will regain their weapon once bubbled and will happily shove it down your throat afterwards. I tend to use PH more for the stun than the Disarm, but lesson learned. This may or may not be 'fixed' in the future though it makes sense for it to be that way so it's not likely to change.

* In the second clip you see me persuing a DeathKnight and silencing a nearby Paladin trying to heal him - As you may notice, the Silence range is greatly increased, which is a small but quite significant change that a lot of people will overlook - Definately going to be a big help in Arena.

* Dispersion removes all snares and renders you immune to them for the duration - While a lot of people have dropped Engineering thanks to the trinket nerf, you'll find that Dispersion + Rocket Boots will be one very nice mixture in Arena and in general. Also, they removed the ability to use Healthstones in Dispersion, though you can still use Trinkets / Potions and Racials (Profession & Class Based - Such as my Herbalism Lifeblood).

* Thanks to the changes to Fear, I've had multiple scenarios where it broke the instant I cast it, purely because a DoT crit... Not a good sign but I suppose it's a needed change.

* Don't forget that you can silence DK's to prevent certain abilities (not a 3.1 change). You can see me preventing a DK from DeathGripping me off the Gold Mine Flag in the sixth clip so I can freely dot him without interruption.

RopeDrink - In Depth (Intro Theme)
Street Fighter 4 - Crowded Downtown
Street Fighter 4 - Morning Mist Bay

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