Raid PvP - The Movie (ENG) by Wowmagad Production
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Kael'thas ( Cataclysme )
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I advise you to download the video because the Gametube streaming is really bad :<

This video has essentially been a major work of sorting (and yes, there were close to 270 Go of videos shot from Fraps, including 9 / 10 not usable). As for its production, I chose not to do in terms of effects, but I wanted the video to remain "visible" despite the mass of players. In addition, my laptop and small graphics card have encountered difficulties at times (particularly in the Exodar, where the number of frames per second drop dramatically), be indulgent if sometimes it does not seem very fluid (if you don't take into account players walking three times before the camera, or running through walls ^ ^) and be indulgent about the shots, it was not easy at all to film a moving honorable kill lusted Hord . ;-)

The video is divided into several parts, the second may seem short (especially that it includes Darnassus and Exodar), but it must be said that the PvP was non-existent in these two capitals. The raids just passed straight on, having only packs of guards to kill.
The first part may be the most "dynamic" or more rhythmic. It's a bit normal, given that Ironforge is the capital where there was more PvP, and that is where the raids have spent the most time. This reflects in the video.
The third part may seem "flat" regarding the editing, but I wanted to do less in the "show off" for this part but more in a continuity, because in Stormwind, you can never stop. The raid should be constantly moving forward (breaks are only possible in the tram ).

So much for the "artistic" explanations. "Strategic" explanations now. The raids were generally set up at 8 p.m and ready to go at almost 10 p.m . Warlocks disconnected in advance in an alcove of the tram made teleportations on all raid members who then left the option to Stormwind or Ironforge. Then, when the two capitals had been tormented enough, Ogrimmar portals, where the raids went towards Gangrebois to head to the draeneis' and elves' islands. Some raids have done particularly well, it was then decided to add Jaina hunting (I can already hear the RP players grunt ^ ^).

Thank you for watching !

You can find my other videos here ===>

Cowala (or Alea), Wowmagad Production.

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