Niero TR/2800+ Bg9 DK PvP by Niero
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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NOTE: you need the xvid codec to watch the downloaded version it can be found at

This is my second video, I put a bit of time into editing this one, unlike my first one where i had no clue how to use vegas (thank you Dahis) and just rendered raw footage. The video is purely pre 3.1 DeathKnight PvP taken between the last two weeks of the TR. I was hoping to get more footage, but unfortunately the last week of the TR was a complete failure mainly due to the lack of teams playing and being locked into a setup that no longer is completely viable, and i had just received the second hard drive i ordered. I only included footage from TOP teams, that means no randoms the lowest rated team in this video is probably 2300 on the TR. If warriors are actually viable this season you can expect a warrior video this summer. I highly recommend downloading it, for it is only 489mb 1024x768 resolution.
I realize shadowfrost isn't viable anymore, but some people may be interested in a DK video, considering everyone is to scared to release one because of all the flamers.

Zilea is the dude talking about cats in the end in case you didn't know

Programs used:
Sony Vegas Pro 8.0


Bombfunk Mc’s………………Freestyler
Three Doors Down……………Kryptonite
Dj Encore……….. I See Right Through To You
Techno Aereo………… Falling Down
Phil Collins…………… In The Air Tonight
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