Arma5: 2600+ Priest/Rogue by arma`Gedon
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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arma`Gedon's Arena Team 1
Armagedon Phoelol
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*This is an arena movie from a healer's POV*

Disc Priest/Mut Rogue 2v2: Priest POV. Currently top P/R and 5th overall on US-Bloodlust/BG9. For those of you wanting to scream FOTM we've played this since 70 and got Glad with it in s5.

DJ Dean - Here we go!
DJ Shog - Get out (of my way)
DJ Shog ft. Anita Kelsey - Don't push me down
John O'Callaghan ft. Sarah Howells - Find yourself
4 Strings - Take me away

Perl Classic: unit frames
Bartender: action bars
Afflicted: cooldowns above chat frame + enemy debuff bars in the middle
Fubar: information bar across the top
Gladius: enemy unit frames on the right
Quartz: casting bar
Spellalerter: enemy spell casts, top middle
Scrolling Combat Text: damage/healing alternating left and right around character
Trinketmenu: trinkets next to cast bars

As always I recommend downloading it over watching the stream for much better quality. If you're having trouble playing the file try using VLC media player. You can get it here if you don't have it ( it's a great program that you'll want to have anyway.
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