Two rogues farming Hand of Justice by Vertex
Class: Rogue | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Bladefist ( Blackout )
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Since having specced to combat I've been wanting the Hand of Justice trinket. For those who don't know:

Hand of Justice

Binds when picked up



Requires Level 53

Equip: 2% chance on hit to gain 1 extra attack.

Equip: +20 Attack Power.

This in combination with the Maelstrom trinket (and optinally lifesteal enchants) cause proc chains like mad. Damn good to be honest. Anyway.

A guildie rogue and myself tried grinding this before when I was still dagger specced and we got clobered miserably. However, both being combat now we figured we could pull it off and hey, it works!

Note : I assume you know how to get to Angerforge in BRD (he drops it..duh). Just like barman shanker farming, only after the long hallway with patrolling fireguards you go off the stairs to the left instead of those on the right.

I didn't use any potions and died after killing him (damn adds). On the other hand, Hand of Justice did drop and I even won it! You'll have to have some decent gear to pull it off though (at least Krol Blade/Dal'rend and some 700+ AP/3500HP). If you both take a heal pot/wipper tuber you should be fine really.

Lastly, if you look closely, you'll see the other rogue garrotes him. We were joking beforehand that garrote would do the trick. It worked :)
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