Bersick the Lighter by Clipperz
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Wildhammer ( Shadowburn )
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Welcome to my first serious PvP movie, I hope you'll like it, I put more on skillz then on editing because I can say that I am not the best at that. When I say first movie, this is because that one is not very long and i'll be trying to make more movies. This is the first of my new serie.

In this movie, I show you:
- Some skillz
- 1v1 Skirmish Arena (Mage)
- Mage Duel (I know he is nub but it was entertaining)
- Rogue Duel (Best rogue on Wildhammer, Synnic)

Music used:
- Linkin Park - New Divide (From Transformers)

I would like to thanks a lot of people for this first movie:

- Neilyo on Cho' Gall that supported me chatting with me on SK-Gaming, I asked him lots of questions and he answered me, I think we are now friends ^^, Thank you Neil.

- Vickk on Wildhammer that dueled me a lots of times and practiced me, Vickk you are my angel :).

-Synnic on Wildhammer that helped me to find a 2v2 Rated partner, I was new on that realm so I thank you very much (Rated Arenas are not in the movie).

If anyone needs help or infos about my movie, you can also contact me at those address:

Hotmail: [email protected]
SK-Gaming: Bersick416
WCM: Bersick416
FIlefront: Bersick416

Armory link:
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