BWL-Drakes In The Shell by Amandra
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Archimonde ( Cataclysme )
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Movie Summary
Millenium strikes back with a brand new video on BlackWing Lair, from Razorgore to Nefarian's death. Emotion and feelings are the trademarks of Amandra our lovely director. Pump up the volume, switch off the lights and ... live the legend !

High res video 960x540

I put translation here for the bosses ( Amandra uses the french client ):

1] Razorgore l'Indompté/ Razorgore the Untamed

2] Vaelastrasz le Corrompu / Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

3] Seigneur des couvées Lashlayer/ Broodlord Lashlayer

4] Gueule de feu / Firemaw

5] Ebonroc

6] Flamegore

7] Chromaggus

8] Seigneur Victor Nefarius/ Lord Victor Nefarius.

Enjoy !

*note* : if you have a small config or a slow connexion there is a low res version of the video ( 640x360 138MB, still good quality ). .
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