Kayosiv Bursted Down by Kayosiv
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Llane ( Vindication )
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Recently Ghostcrawler has been saying that burst damage is no longer a problem in PvP as of season 6, and it is my absolute believe that he couldn't be further from the truth. I made this video to hopefully help begin to change his mind.


PvP in Wrath of the Lich king is a jumbled mess of burst damage, burst healing, immunity effects, unkillable healers with infinite mana, DoT's that can crit, far to potent reflective damage, hybrids that can heal more effectively than speced healers, crowd control, and abilities that are almost always guaranteed to crit.

TBC PvP wasn't perfect by any means, but in my opinion it was superior in many ways to this gib fest of Cleave teams and 100-0% stunlocks.

Hopefully this video will demonstrate that almost every class has a plethora of CC available to them, and enough damage to kill most if not all opponents before they are able to act for more than a split second's time.

This video wasn't made to be entertaining, although it is rather humorous watching just how big the numbers are, it was meant to try to convince Blizzard that resilience is not doing enough, not NEARLY ENOUGH. The average hit point pool is too low compared to both the damage and healing of all classes.

10 extra talent points on top of talent revamps with glyphs adding on has stacked damage, AND healing to levels we have not seen since before The Burning Crusade.
You should not be able to kill a player in less than 6 seconds.
You should not be able to heal a player from 1% to full in less then 4 seconds.

In my opinion, the reason casters are failing in pvp is because they are dead before they can escape, and the reason they succeed is because they have enough lockdown to cast.

In my opinion, The reason double dps teams are dying out is because with healing and damage so high, a single dps can kill one of the 2 dps teams before the defensive cooldowns of the healer and the dps are over.

In my opinion, 3v3 and 5v5 have lost almost all popularity is because the obscene burst damage and crowd control balanced around drastically lower damage has made them nigh unplayable. They exist as gib fests where outlast is no longer an option and players die in 3-4 second spans and target swaps.

The difference from season 5-6 is virtually unnoticeable, all Blizzard did was make some burst for some specs harder to achieve, but allow it to still be achievable in the same time frame, while nerfing some healing specs that were overpowered, and make others just as strong if not even more invincible.

Please support the lowering of burst damage or the increase of hitpoints in all facets of PvP. It is not fun when I am killed before I get to play.
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