Buddhist and Lewt 2v2: Episode 1 by Buddhist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Buddhist's Arena Team 1
Lewt Buddhist
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Buddhist and Lewt 2v2! The series starts here.

I have rendered two versions, one with commentary, one with just music, and I will do the same with all following videos.

The commentary is done by both Lewt and I, watching a pre-render in sync. This version has music as well, it's just quieter.

Each video represents two weeks of play, starting with the first week of season 6.

edit: The stream is broken atm, i'll fix it soon... i'd rather you download anyway, it's higher quality... thanks for the patience

edit2: Bad quality youtube links added. They should go "HD", but that's still kinda bad quality... I'll add better streams tomorrow

edit3: I've added a link to a page with a HQ stream for both videos. The Dingblog streams provide excellent quality.

Also, I'd like to note a couple things: This video represents literally our first two weeks playing together since the last video that was released (a year ago). The gameplay reflects our lack of experience. As videos are released, you'll notice an increase in skill. Also, both videos have the same music. The commentary simply has the volume turned down so you can hear voices. The commentary version was the intended version. The musical one was an afterthought.
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