Theed 3 by Theed
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aegwynn ( Blutdurst )
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Theed's Arena Team 1
Theed Shimmy
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Theed's Arena Team 2
Theed Shimmy Shicu
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I strongly recommend you download this movie due to it being rendered at a high resolution and its much more fun to watch.

Dont watch if you
-dont like arena videos
-dont like modelchanging
-dont like interfaces with many addons

My third movie is a purly arena movie featuring my 2on2(Shadowpriest/Rogue) and 3on3(Shadowpriest Rogue/Warlock Shaman) teams. I want to show you how shadow is being played versus the most common lineups in both brackets. Feel free to ask me about the different tactics if you need.
The movie contains modelchanging (NE->UD), please dont ask me about im not going to respond.Google it.

I changed music style a bit rock/metal -> electro/dnb i hope you enjoy most of the tracks!
All footage was taken after 3.1, some before the blind/fear nerf some after.

The movie also contains a small introduction to my Interface which you will find at soon.

- Song List -
Vast - Touched
YKEL WeickerKellner Mix -
DJ TeeBee - Bioform
Noisia - Angel Eyes
Uknown Error - Shadows
RJD2 - Cut out to FL
Inner Circle - Bad Boys
Batman OST - Molossus

Hope you enjoy!

Interface Download added:
Choose between 1680(widescreen) version or 1280(non widescreen) depending on your resolution. Copy Interface and WTF to your wow folder, rename ACCOUNT,SERVER,CHARACTER in the WTF folder to your data.
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