Ragequit - Warrior PvP by Ragequit
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Firetree ( Reckoning )
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My first PvP video on this site, and first one since early BC, I wanted to put together a world PvP video since I was growing bored with the game. Unfortunately, finding people in the world is a lot harder than it sounds at the moment, because no one really leaves town except to either farm, do dailys, or go to instances. So it was a lot of frustration finding halfway-decent clips, and I apologize 80% of them are in storm peaks. If I decide to make another video, it will probably be an arena video. Hope you enjoy it!

Video Contains

No Arena
No BG's
1v2 vs comparably undergeared opponents
A flying Cow
Griefing Lowbies

My next video will be most likely an arena video, since it was a lot more work to make a World PvP Video because flying mounts ruined World PvP.

If you have any questions / comments, email me at [email protected], please don't log onto Firetree and whisper me.
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