Buddhist and Lewt 2v2: Episode 2 by Buddhist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Buddhist's Arena Team 1
Iewt Buddhist
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I'm not including a music-only version this time, because people got the wrong idea. This is not a video in the same genre as my past videos. They aren't purely for entertainment like the others. The commentary is intended and kind of the point of the video. I know a lot of my viewers watch because I'm clever and make my videos funny, and that these aren't so hilarious.

Also, yeah our opponents aren't the best, and we rarely make mistakes, but this is footage from a short period of time. I didn't spend 2 months getting 10 clips. In fact, mistakes are something I try to include so that I can comment on them, it isn't about perfect play, it's about good examples of each match, so it can be explained more accurately through the commentary. That said, I think we play the comp about as well as it could be.

This video includes pally/dk, pally/war, shaman/war, feral healer, and a rogue/lock.

My Cool Remix - Al Azif
Broken Sorrow - Nuttin but Stringz
Thunder - Nuttin but Stringz

The video was rendered using x264vfw, 4200bitrate, 1440x900, 30 fps.

I hope you learn something and enjoy =3

Btw, I'll probably make a Balance + Disc + AR/prep 3v3 video some time in the near future (with full editing rather than commentary).

Check out my other videos here.
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