Frost Mage and Destruction Warlock 2vs2 2500+ by Calorz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Gorgonnash ( Blutdurst )
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Calorz's Arena Team 1
Calorkeks Destrokeks
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This is a 2vs2 movie featuring me as Frost Mage and my Destruction Warlock mate.
This is my first serious pvp movie, so please don't be too critical and don't expect the best editing since I'm new to Sony Vegas.
All matches were filmed around 2500+ Rating. It mostly contains "Top Players"

Teams we were matched up against:

Warrior & Druid
Dual Frost Mage (skirmish only, because we didn't want to exchange rating in the guild)
Paladin & Dk (a little scene with Druid Dk)
Priest & Rogue
Rogue & Druid
Paladin & Warrior
Priest & Dk

At this point I want to thank espacially Richhard for helping me with the editing. Danke man! :>
Also thanks to Torment for his guides on arenajunkies, which you can find here :

And Destro(Tilaya) wants to thank Zukuu for his tips and support.

Music is listed at the end.

Please enjoy it as much as I did editing/frapsing it.

edit: use noobflicks and fullscreen for best quality (I guess lol)

I love u Kate (catlifex)
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