Algalon 10-man in Horde TW-Wrathbringer by Marculescu
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : Asia - 迪托马斯 ( Group 1 )
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Movie Summary
Algalon 10man downed in realm TW-Wrathbringer, 2009/06/15. The raid is formed by members from guild 神樣(Godlike) and PhantomTwilighT. Combat rogue PoV.

The contents of movie consists of gate opening of Celestial Planetarium, the arrival of Algalon, and the ending theme of quest \"All Is Well That Ends Well\"

BGM: Last Impression - Two-Mix

The Filefront HD version of the movie is a 768MB, 1440*900 wmv. The one uploaded to wcm is a 172MB,1280*800 avi encoded with Xvid. The former one has better quality though. I\'ll make a Filefront copy of avi shortly. Moreover, Youtube HD is also available to make you guys\' life easier. :p

If you have any questions or suggestions about this movie, feel free to leave a comment here or in the Youtube page. Thank you :p

p.s. The TW realm names in WCM have encoding problems. I randomly selected one instead.
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