DM In The Eye of Eternity by Deathmatic
Class: Death Knight | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Frostwhisper ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
This is a shortfilm that I made during a 10man run in The Eye Of Eternity. There is actually a good story behind this instance, too bad I didn't have the voices for a full movie, huh? Hehe :)
When making shortmovies I always like to focus on the lore behind World of Warcraft, the story. But since this is just a typical everyday instance run I did what I would with the frapsed footage.

I'm not that good at editing, currently using Sony Vegas 8.0 and trying to get used to the program.

Feel free to come with constructive criticism, but just so it said, in the future I'm going to focus a lot more about the true lore behind instances and similar events (Not just speeding through the boss encounter).

Enjoy! :)

NOTE: I am not the well known "Buddhist", even thought it's my in game nick. The explanation is simple, when I first decided to get a nick for my Death Knight I thought about "Buddhist" here from Warcraftmovies, and about how I really admire his work (Even tho it's mostly PvP). So I'm only a mere fan giving it a shot. And yes, I'm changing my ingame nick ASAP.

Category: Machinima/PvE Dungeon
Length: 3:57
Size: 175 MB
Filetype: AVI

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