Hotaru - Killing For Love ? by Hotaru-Daen
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Rashgarroth ( Férocité )
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[For a better HD quality, I highly suggest to download the movie !]

Hi there ! \o/

Welcome in my third PvP Movie (Season 6)!
As her predecessor, this movie was made mainly for fun !
I know that the file is large but it's a question of quality. At the beginning, the size was 1Go, and in 1280*720, with high quality: I had to reduce it a first time. Also, I couldn't upload it on filefront, so I went for Megaupload.
I highly suggest you to download the movie, but streaming seems to be good as well, so you can enjoy it the way you want.

You can except to see in this movie:
- Two specs: 27/0/44 and 0/45/26
- Duel, BGs et World PvP (1vs1 / 1vsX)
- Humour !

But, you won’t find:
- Arena in team
- Not a single second with Mutilate Spec!

The main difficulty during the record was the World PvP. Finding people being able to become a real challenge was extremely difficult since Wotlk, and it's worse and worse.

Notice: the first fight is essentially here for theatrical reason.
The first part of the movie was played with the Hemo spec. A lot of people said this spec isn't viable (less burst etc). But seriously, with a good stuff, a minimal good use of yours CDs, you can really have fun.
The second part was recorded with the spec 0/45/26: it was really fun to play, even if it's for people feeling suicidal :p The two warriors part was created with only one goal in mind : having fun with a real challenge. Warriors evolved a lot with wotlk and Bladestorm. Trying to do that was really difficult. Oh well, but I know two warriors who loved to smash me into pieces
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