Minutemade's Ele/Rogue 2v2 2400 2 by minutemade
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Daggerspine ( Cyclone )
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Hey there,

after 5 seasons of arena'ing I decided to make a 2v2 video so here it is. It is just pieces of the few sessions of Elemental/Rogue that we played these last couple weeks.

A little history about me; I started arena'ing in season 2, hitting Gladiator on my shaman every season since then, in 2v2 3v3 and 5v5, but as restoration. The only times I've ever really played as a DPS were with healers around. On my warrior I finished Rank 1 in season 2 getting the merciless title, on my warlock sadly, rank 2 in season 3, even gladiator on my paladin, but really every season has been a struggle for my shaman to get up there. I've always enjoyed playing it more than the other characters, and thereby although I tried to play other characters (my warrior, warlock, and paladin) I ended up quitting all those characters and just played my shaman.

I did however quit the game after two weeks in season 4 to come back for WOTLK as a gladiator from 2v2 as war/sham much to my surprise. After playing in WOTLK I got rehooked in, mostly because of how fast paced the games were (dying in cheapshot consistently). I played with my warrior friend who just rerolled a hunter and we did pretty well, hitting rank 1 a couple times throughout the season as hunter/shaman but unable to finish that high as other teams came out of their shells to rock us. These last two weeks I decided to try elemental for the first "real" time in 2v2 just to maybe make a video and have some fun in a double dps comp. It has been really fun and from watching the games, the real interesting part is how many mistakes I watch myself make that I wouldn't have noticed had I not fraps'd. It really does help a lot to watch yourself play so that you can fix your mistakes.

Anyhow, I decided to make this ele/rogue video, footage taken from maybe 3-4 sittings in our total of 90 games played together. Some of our games were epic, some of our games were RNG based, and some of our games were us strategizing around our mistakes. You will see me make a bunch of mistakes in the video, a few of which I commented on, others which I leave for you to find!

Quick note: Sorry about the UI in advance, I have been working on it, you should have seen it BEFORE the video, a massacre. My editing is also somewhat of a disaster, still learning yo, I was just testing all the different things I could do to maybe learn for a next movie someday! Also, my fraps keybind was f9, and I kept forgetting to unbind my bag4 f9 button, so you will BE seeing the contents of my bags in a lot of matches.

After watching I'm sure you'll see how big a factor ping plays for a shaman over other classes, as you watch my grounding totem sit there next to me while I'm in a cyclone, and watch a few los'd cc's that end up cc'ing me anyways. Note that the real champion is Zepheryus who plays with 450 ping from eastern Canada on a terrible wireless connection that he shares with his bros who are constantly torrenting (zeph dc's so much). It really is lame to play a melee class with bad ping, especially a rogue, but he manages well, and plays like a champ in a lot of the games as you will see.

Note that there are two videos available for download:

The first video is more friendly with the music, as it has happier songs that are more electronic/light hiphop. This video has more editing for cool effects that can turn out to be annoying if you don’t like those types of effects, I got tired of my bad editing after the 2nd or 3rd time watching it, so the other link might be for you.

The second video has a underground hip hop track list that I'm sure only a select few will enjoy, it's more my type of music so I had to at least have 1 video use these beats. This version has limited editing, it is more just scene shifting from game to game without zoom in effects and all that noise. The music also flows better in this version.

This is a clip of our best match in the video, it is way more edited than the actual clip, and it was just me better learning my editing skills for the next video.


You can find my statistics for arena here, if you navigate to the right part, I have played a LOT of arena games, all from WOTLK onwards:

- Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, feel free to troll and get harsh about my mistakes, I welcome all criticism, I can probably even argue a few of my mistakes into the ground to make them look like I was doing it intentionally to fulfill a certain purpose. I don’t claim to be the best, I know that I’m not; this video is mostly to entertain, and maybe get some tips as I am still new to elemental, and perhaps maybe you even learned something.

PS: Some of the ratings I posted in the video were slightly over-exaggerated, and under-exaggerated in some cases, after I armory’d people, their mmr’s were notably higher than their actual rating (I just used the MMR’s from the end of each clip) except for 1 where I claim that the dk druid is 2500 when I noticed they were actually 2400 when I watched the real clip again, apologies.

If people really want I could probably start making a rogue/lock/rshaman video to as we may start playing again soon, our lock broke his finger so it’s been a while since we have played.

Separate suggestion, don't use totem of wrath, use flametongue totem, UNLESS you know that the other team knows you are elemental, if you can pretend to be resto, the other team will be much less prepared for your damage. A lot of people miss the tells that show that you are elemental, capitalize.

A bunch of the people in this video seem to be keyboard turners, possibly clickers (those first few clips), makes you wonder about that state of PvP when they are reaching 2200+ (no offense to those in the video). Perhaps if we play more than just a few sittings I can get some real footage of us playing the elite of Cyclone and maybe some TR games, but I just made do with what we had, and hopefully you enjoy it.

1. LMFAO - Yes
2. Ratatat- Mirando
3. Grieves - Lock Down
4. Robot Science - notion of backwards motion
5. She - Coloris
6. DJ Kaycee - Happy
7. Basshunter - Russian Privjet
8. Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker
9. Classified - Maritimes
10. People Under the Stairs - Montego Slay

First download link I could get:
(premium members only for megaupload)

I'll try other sites tonight, I didn't know about the 1gig rule :S
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