Sartharion 3d (10) - Melee Zerg, Rogue PoV by Jappy
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Executus ( Reckoning )
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Hey guys! long time no see!
I had a short wowbreak to sort some irl stuff since Im gonna move out soon and I had to sort alot of things with my gf, anyway,
Im finally back on raiding and doing some crazystuff atm and getting ready for patch 3.2, cleared Ulduar 10/25 by now alot of HM beeing done and Im gonna get frapsing again to keep everyone updated with both Ignis Divinum and my personal PoV.

Also notice that I have changed my UI to make it alot more apealing for the eyes and easier to follow with less spamming on the screen and more space to enjoy the movie.

We tried this tactic out last night since we were so bored and wanted to do something fun. Sarth 3d 10 zerg run was something we wanted to try before but didnt have the people for it, luckely yesterday we had people for this also with help of 2 friend of ours we managed to get this sorted :) please enjoy the 80second long zerg and don't forget:

RATE AND COMMENT PLEASE! :) Much love from Happyjappy
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