Direnight2 Arenas 2v2 Shadowpriest/Frostmage World#1 Rating 2450+ by Ryuseiken-Direnight
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gurubashi ( Reckoning )
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Ryuseiken-Direnight's Arena Team 1
Malghanes Ryuseiken
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Ryuseiken-Direnight's Arena Team 2
Damnz Malghanes Ryuseiken
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This video shows a little of our setup (Spriest/mage) on 2v2 arenas. It's played by Ryuseiken and Malghanes from US-Gurubashi-Reckoning.
I Ryuseiken is using a program named "ModelEditFix" to change his character skin (Night Elf to Undead) and his itens to Season 2 and 3 skins.
This is not a rush dps win setup. We need a big coordination. Every mistake or miss can make us lose.
We don´t have a certain strategy. It´s different with each player or team setup.
We had some troubles with Dalaran arena bugs and with unholy dks. ;P
We got like 2450 and there is a screenshot in the video to evince that.
We are currently playing a Druid/Shadowpriest/Frostmage setup on 3v3 too. We will release the video soon.

**I Ryuseiken was the same shadowpriest named Direnight. He got as shadow 2500 rating on 2v2 with a BM Hunter in the Seasons 2 and 3. In the Season 4 got 2450 with a Rogue. He didnt play the Season 5.
**The mage is clicker! LoL



Song List:

Theree Days Grace - Riot
Soil - Breaking Me Down
Rise Against - Prayer Of Refuge
Rise Against - Re-Education
Shinedown - Devour
Three Days Grace - Gone Forever

**Download the video for better quality and details, and apologies for the large file size, but the size is offset by quality.

**For any problem trying to view the video, here follows the CODEC link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0CBA9CP7

Hope you enjoy it! ;)
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