Forlorn Legacy Presents... Algalon The Observer by Aurelius
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Windrunner ( Reckoning )
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With this kill, our rank is now US 19th & World 40th, not so bad, but we could have done a lot better in my opinion. We would have had Algalon dead last week had it not been for our terrible server crashing 10 minutes into our hour of attempts.Of course we attempted to contact a GM but they were less than helpful. Blizzard, if you're going to create timed encounters like this, take server instability into consideration.

Algalon is not a difficult encounter, it's actually very simple. The only "difficult" part of the encounter is the fact that you only get 1 hour a week to work on him. For the most part, we are done with Ulduar, only one true challenge remains...Yogg-Saron with 0 Watchers, should be pretty fun!
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