Anarchies - Death Is Beautiful by Anarchies
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
This is my first PvP video, so I'm not sure what to say you can expect.

DO NOT expect the greatest edits you have ever seen, as this is my first video and chance to learn a bit about Sony Vegas.

All Fights are 1vX.

All 3v3 matches were recorded above 2100 rating.

You will see BG PvP, duels, and 3v3 arena with Ryusphinx and Vorken.

I know i told some people that there would be some City PvP, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get enough good clips to put them into this movie. I figured there were an average of only 35 alliance players that were level 80 on at one time, so it was nearly impossible to get good footage of that. So please, if you're transferring to Cho'gall...WE NEED MORE ALLIANCE.


Outsider Intro - DJ Shadow
When it Cuts - Ill Nino
Cold - Dark Age
Decadence - Disturbed
The Crimson - Atreyu
The Last Firstborn - Celldweller
Session - Linkin Park


Gdfont 2.0
Trinket Menu
Not used while frapsing:


A thanks to everyone who supported me in making this movie, along with

I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did making it.

Don't forget to skillpoint if you think I deserve it!

Warning: Contains excessive Engineering Abuse.

EDIT: Please either download from a WeGame related link or stream from WeGame because I've been informed that the WCM stream is a secondish out of sync.
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