Warcraft Final Fantasy Style 7 (Part 1) by Sefearion
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Hybrid Machinima is the combination of standard Machinima tools like WoW Model Viewer, Map Viewer etc. but also created alongside 3D Editing software such as 3DS Max, Maya etc.

Thats right folks Warcraft Final Fantasy Style 7 Part 1 is out so kick back, relax and enjoy!

The story now follows the path of the Warrior Orson, the first minute is a quick recap of where our hero is since he hasnt appeared since Warcraft Final Fantasy Style 4 and for any newcomers to the series they will have a vague understanding as to whats happened (Kind of!). After the quick reminder you will now follow Orsons path and bear witness to the difficulties that lie ahead for our fearless hero. You will also begin to learn more about him, though on the outside he may come off as the gentle giant like all of the heroes within this series he also harbours a dark secret.

This video took far more effort than all my other Machinima movies since I was using 3DS Max to create my own custom animations. Learning the software basics, setting up the models and animating them is insanely demanding of ones time and can be incredibly frustrating!. Yes I am aware there are errors with the models such as slight equipment differences, E.g, Arkon Soldiers from the Model Viewer have larger bracers and boots whereas those animated within 3DS Max dont have those on and of course Im sure you can tell the models animated within 3DS Max LOOK different as well, thats due to lighting and shadow settings which I still need to look into!. So I will be learning to overcome those flaws for part 2 so please bear with those errors for now J!

Also a big thanks to the creators of Grandia II, their animations are brilliant. Demon Slice (Tornado) Mega Elixer animation (Healing Sphere) and Fury Of The Phoenix (Firey Birds) graphics are the property of the creators of Grandia II, full credit to it's creation is theirs.

Grandia Publisher's
-Ubisoft and Game Arts-

Lastly credit to youtube user "dsirolo" for the clock effect used for krozan's reverse spell!

-Voice Actors-

Orson: Sefearion
Akroma: Mandy (Sablemoon)
Krozan: Exiablade
Soldier 1 & 2: Sefearion
Soldier 3 (Voice Ripped from Grandia II):Cam Clarke

Thank you guys for your patience!

-Software Used-

WoW Model Viewer
WoW Map Viewer
Milkshape 3D
3DS Max (Custom Animations)
Audacity (Voice Recording)
Cool Edit Pro (Voice Recording)
Open Canvas (RPG Interface)
Fraps (Video Capture Software)

Music Used -IN ORDER of appearance-

1) Temple Of Time (By: Bezo)

2) Atelier Iris 2 Soundtrack
Ask A Fool In A Time Of Need

3) Voices (By Snayk)

4) Dot Hack Sign OST 1
The World

5) Day of War (By: Maestro Rage)
Cant find the track on Newgrounds sorry!

6) Digital Devil Saga 2
Battle for Survival

7) Wanderer On The Offensive
Shadow Of The Colossus (OC Remix)
(Remixer(s): B33J, Cerrax, Sixto Sounds, yodaisbetter)

8) Lost Odyssey Soundtrack-08

If you wish to criticize the video by all means go ahead but KEEP IT CONSTRUCTIVE please. If you have ANY questions feel free to PM me or head over to the Hybrid-Machinima forums and create your own thread where we can discuss any questions you may have in greater detail. If you also wish to learn how to do some of the editing shown in this movie follow this link below and join the Hybrid-Machinima community.

Also check out youtube user account Iwkya1 who set up the website below and has created several tutorials on the basics of 3DS Max and Warcraft Models.

Iwkay1 Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/iwkya1
Hybrid Machinima Site: http://www.iwkya.co.uk

Please take some time and rate the video, happy viewing!

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