Abub 8 Shadow & Disc 2500-2700 MMR by abub
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shattered Hand ( Ruin )
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abub's Arena Team 1
Ferie Abub
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abub's Arena Team 2
Ferie Abub Staz
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So after losing just about all my world pvp footage after having to reformat so many times while leveling I really couldn't make the movie i wanted to. So here is this instead! :D

This movie features:
3 world pvp clips while leveling at the beginning.
Around 10 mins of Shadowpriest,Mage,Shaman 3v3(2500-2700 mmr)
Around 10 mins of Dpriest,Mage 2v2(Around 2500-2600 mmr)

You will notice a good bit of mistakes/overlapped cc simply because these are teammates i have never played with before and were still getting use to things.

Some opponents you will see in here and might recognize are Menismyforte,nekoz,jordyo,noxn,synergy,milkbagz.... and well the list goes on. (not name dropping to insult these players, just pointing out that there are some good clips in this movie)

I do show 2 loses in this video simply because I never see loses in videos and looking at some loses never hurts :D

O and the last clip isn't the real staz playing the shaman.... happy staz? :D

One last thing, I play disc in my shadow gear... :D

Song list:
Legion of Doom - Destroy all Vampires
As i lay dying - through struggle
sonic syndicate - history repeats itself
August burns red - Thirty and Seven
Dj dean - kick da bass
Dj dean - Play it hard
sonic syndicate - denied
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