2600 Rogue Mage Reesez Piecez by Piecez
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Piecez's Arena Team 1
Piecez Reesez
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Just gonna say this now: If you don't like the music, turn it off and listen to your own =p.

Hey whats up, finally finished up my pvp video, kinda had to just half ass alot of it just because I was pretty lazy about this video and just wanted to get it released ( And even that took a lonngggggg time ).

Anywhoooo, this is me 'n mah boi Reesez doin' work in the 2s bracket, floating around 2500-2600~ rating for the majority of these clips. Many of these clips are actually really old, half of them are from late S5, and the rest are early S6 and maybe 1 or 2 Mid S6 clips. Due to the fact that there was such a large gap between the recording ( Which all in all was probably 5-7 days worth of fraps) and the editing, the ratings I plopped in could probably be incorrect by now, higher or lower, and obviously if it was S5 I just didn't put the rating because I don't have access to that information anymore.Oh and I guess 1 thing to note, my focus frame is in the upper right, so watch that for CS's, deep freezes on off targets, novas, sheeps and whatever.

So, i'll just break it down cliche style

What to expect:
-LAME humor
-Lots of uh...techno music? I really don't even know the genre of the music I put in this video.
-Oh and a couple of insta gibs at the start ( jk alot of gibs)
-Lots of model edits, if it bothers you don't watch it =D
-Colorful/Clean UI that sometimes matches my gear ^.^

What not to expect:
-PERFECT PLAY, while I took alot of these clips over a fairly long period of time and had plenty of clips, I specifically chose clips where my team messed up and caused us to struggle for the win. Trust me, I had plenty of perfect play clips but they were all pretty faceroll/boring to watch.
-...uh....I guess thats it.

Even though theres a TBCont. message at the end i'm not sure if i'll be playing WoW much longer, or if i'll even make a new PVP video, if I do it'll probably be less RP and more solid content/instructional video type of deals. Making this movie was a pain in the arse, and made me a very very sad panda just even thinking about trying to finish it. S7 around the corner is probably what pushed me to finish it , along with some eager friends. If I do make a video, I guess expect it in early-mid S7.

Music is in the credits. Except for one song I believe. The one playing during all the insta gibs is Carmina Burana Techno Remix.

If anyone wants to know about my UI( Doubt it, its pretty plain but who knows) its:

Spell Alerter

If you're curious as to why my buttons look weird, its because I turned all my abilities to macros and re-iconned to match my gear setup/UI,hid the macro text and keybinds etc with Bartender.

I forgot if I said this but CBA to go back and check, but yea, these clips are VERY old, and back when I was still learning the comp. Our strategies have done a complete 360 since i've frapsed this stuff, so don't think this is how we actually play our comp, these clips were chosen mostly because of our fucked up strategy which caused us to have a tougher time in winning.

Thats about all I can say, enjoy ^.^ If you have any questions PM me, or post em here. Constructive critcism welcome, just don't hurt my e-peen I need it for things.
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