Lord of destruction by vilge
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it has been a long time since my first machinima music video(die mf die), so this is my 2nd machinima, this time with a story,please dont downrate it because of quality, im trying my best! i also apologize for my english, lets get to the programs:

Adobe after effects
Sony Vegas
some other crap like world of warcraft

that little warlock running in two scenes: Syrpo

i used also action essentials, like all others movie makers of this age, and by the way!! thanks to baron soosdon! very much! when i submitted my first die mf die video, he said that i have to continue with videos for sure, and i continued, and i will continue to the end of world!

The story of lord of destruction is that the undead warlock must face the destruction spreading in alliance, they got new weapons, new technics, and all of things like this, you know what i mean, so it is like destruction versus destruction, what will he do? will he find someone other who is trapped too? you will find out in full video, if ill release it.About releasing , read read ->

if you want this piece of 2day work in better quality, download it
....and about releasing the full video, i really dont know, it depends on that if some voice actors will contact me ,it also depends on if you will like this trailer or not, ill see,also i need to improve my skills a bit, maybe ill release a few short videos with short funny story , that is probably the best way to improve yourself, at least i think it is. by the way for voice actors, it is in video but ill write it here once more - icq 301342014 , email: [email protected]

(sorry for my english if is something written bad, i hope you understand this description:D )
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