Pussochpriest/Nippon by 5b
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Pussochkram/97036 here.

This is some kind of movie I made long ago. It was recorded during late BC when I Scroll of Ress'ed a friends old account to just have a good time.

[Blah blah blah (skip this if you get bored easy)]
I was really sad/bored about WoW at the time. I quit playing because I didn't like what it had turned into but when I made this movie I got back the feeling that there is something... special, almost magic, about WoW from time to time. When you play it casually it is still a great game and it has got superb feeling to it.

The movie is some kind of machinima I guess. But it's probably better to just look at it as a piece of art, or something haha. It has no storyline, but I think I captured what I wanted to: The feeling of WoW, the joy of exploring, experiencing and having fun.
Lots of people will probably hate this movie because it will not be what many expect, and I fully repsect those who don't like it at all. We're all different and have different relations to WoW.

This ain't a "SP PWNING NOOB SKILL MOVIE HIGH ARENAZ"-movie, but that doesn't mean I don't respect that kind of movies. I love watching them (and I wish I could make them haha) :)

This is just something I made, I hope someone else likes it, that'd be fun. Else I'm happy with it anyways, I made it for myself in the first place. To keep as a memory.
[/Blah blah blah (skip this if you get bored easy)]

The movie has quite heavy (but subtile) editing. It has a dreamlike feeling to it, which is of course enhanced by the post-rock soundtrack (Sigur Rós).
Download is encouraged, streaming will kill this movie (at least those streams that were around when I last published a movie here, any new HD-cool-streamz around?).

Take care!


contact: Pussochkram @ Lightning's Blade (EU)

old PvP movie with my mage: http://web2.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=92159

P.S. I started playing my own account again :)
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