Trigshady - Variety: Arenas by Trigshady
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary if anyone wants to make some cash


I've quit WoTLK on my Mage and I play on the 2.4 realm at the moment (don't pm me about the website - it's already packed). Thought i'd make a TBC movie since TBC is way better than WoTLK is in the current state. There are 3 clips of Mage Lock Druid with Draintrain/Lopa in the begining but the rest is TBC clips with me playing on a Mage and a Priest.


Mage PoV
Priest PoV
2 RMP Games
Little editing since it's arena and i want to make the games clean.

What not to expect

Mass editing
Trigz from Stormscale
Amazingly perfect playstyle

Enjoy the watch, peace.

P.S All the footage was taken over the course of one day basically, that's why there were so many rogue druid clips. Oh and the 3v3 wiz cleave games in the start were around 2900 rating and 3.1k matchmaking


Meshuggah - Bleed
Disarmonia Mundi - Kneeling on Broken Glass
In Flames - Man Made God
Fear My Thoughts - Gates to Nowhere
All That Remains - Dwells In Me
In Flames - Touch of Red
Disarmonia Mundi - Come Forth My Dreadful One

Ending part is the last bit of "In Flames - Touch of Red" if anyone wants to make some cash
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