One Man Army: Chapter 2 Anub'arak HC by Macmaxi
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Nathrezim ( Blutdurst )
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Hello PvE-Lovers

This is my second Movie of my installment "One Man Army"

For this guy i had to prepare several things.
I took some Block Value Gear to minimize the dmg from weak sources (such as Guardians, and Venomancer Strikes) and Gear with high Itemlevel.

I needed about 5 trys for him, because i adjusted my gear using the max avoidiance at start switching to max block value and then using a mix of the two.

I also changed Glyphs.

Glyph of Holy Wrath: It's a nice tool to get some room in the add Phase.

Glyph of Turn Evil: It turned out to be my most useful tool, fearing one venomancer while killing the other one.

Boss Information:


Life: 512.000
Damage: about 4k unblocked

Locust Swarm: 500 dps + healing him
Carrion Beetles: 8 Beetles (some mana from Sanctuary)
Pound: easy to dodge, 18k dmg when hit.
Impale (Phase2): very troublesome to dodge, with all the adds


Meele Fighter, 2k per hit, 4k per strike
Stay in front of them and avoidiance is doing the rest


Poison Bolt: ~3,5k Nature DMG + DoT most troublesome... no resistance

Poison Bolt Volley: Additonal DoT, Seems to miss more than Poison Bolt, still sucks



Mega Man 3 The Passing of the Blue Crown OCReMix
Sonic Soundtrack - His World
Immediate Music - Burning Man
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