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Please read the info both here and in the movie before giving a comment!


I've been trying out the machinima tool, made by Mads Lund, since Alpha (still have my old vid on my pc!) and I thought I could make a show-off movie. I'm supporting his work a 100%, and wanna give him some free commercial, and imo, everyone who doesn't know about it yet, should check it out. In this movie I've been working on 2 things:

As you can see, there's some color editing in the clips, mostly in Orgrimmar. I'm working on a script at the moment, and wanted to test out some colors as well, to be better prepared for the next movie.

The second thing is the tool itself. The tool have a lot of cool features, it can change the colors in game, you can walk in spectator mode, and as I've understood, you can soon change the sun, weather etc as well. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Anyway, in this movie, I've been mostly focusing on the camerafunctions. The tool allows you to go into spectator mode (imagine Counter Strike free look) and you can make waypoints through the air. Makes even the biggest noob on WCM look like a pro

I allready know that a lot of you will comment the lagg in the movie. I might as well tell you now, that my pc was... pretty... tired after the Retaliation movie :> But since I'm focusing more on showing the camerafunctions, let's just pretend the lagg isn't there.

If you wanna download the movie, then (I believe) you must get the K. Light codec. Correct me if I'm wrong mkey. If you need it, just google it.

Track: Immediate Music - a Thousand Lanterns (Epic III Album)

I hope you enjoy the little show, and don't forget to visit the website texted in the end of the movie. A lot of awesome things going on there ;>

Best Regards,
Alexander Egeskog

PS: I've now teamed up with Focus Filmworks, and they will write + voice-act in my next movie. So far we're planning to make a full-length movie, so unfortunately you won't see more 10+ min movies from me in 2009:) Cya next year!

Tiny things might pop up in my YouTube channel though:

Subscribe and stay tuned :)

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