Carried by the Rogue 2 by Shigekazu
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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Shigekazu's Arena Team 1
Shigekazu Willeh
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Hello all, this is my fourth and probably my last WoW video. After all the arenas I have done in the past few months I'm happy with this final video the most. From the first video starting at 2k rating to get up to 2.4k has really made me happy, even though I'm still not quite good enough to get a gladiator title
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video for what it is, Our MMR is 2.4k and if any of the opponents you think are horrible, sorry about that, even if our MMR is 2400, the game still puts us against 2100 people, so please enjoy the video for the skill of Willeh and myself, not whoever we're facing, or the music that's playing.

If you really hate the music, IDEA: mute your sound and listen to something you enjoy, won't give you the feel that I wanted, but w/e. I changed my UI a bit from the last video, and I reinstalled WoW in between some of the recording, so sorry if that bugs you.

Regarding the video at 2:15ish, I was talking to Willeh about totems not working on the platform because they were all stacked up so he told me to test it and that's why I feared right there.

Some addon names:
Spell Alerter
Doom CD Pulse
DBM (lol)

Questions about model changing will not be answered, check last video description
Any questions at all will be answered in the comments of the video, I have quit playing WoW so you won't be able to talk to get in contact with me that way.
lolol nvm the game sucked me back in lolololol.....
Edit: I've recently been thinking about getting back for a little, just until Bloodline Champions is released you should all check them out!
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