Against The World - Boostz/Physicz II by Rushz
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gnomeregan ( Nightfall )
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Note: This is a 39 pvp video. (If you don't like twinks, i wouldn't suggest watching it).

Hi all. So i made a video showing my paladin and old rogue cyclone footage. Hope it's somewhat enjoyable. Pretty much all arena and bg footage. The Rogue footage were clips i had on my computer before the xfer, after my HD crash (again).

I understand at the end of the day, it's a holy paladin, so it's not as exciting as most classes can be, i've done my best to make it fun.

Music list is in the credits, but i forgot to list the intro song which is: Time Wave Zero (original mix) - Ummet Ozcan.

Also a quick note, sometimes a mod comes up showing a cast interrupt, but i don't get locked out by said interrupt. It's just lag messing with the mod. (oceanic ftw)

This will be my last contribution to the Against The World series. I've had alot of fun with WoW, but my only real interest was my 39 rogue, and due to latency issues on Nightfall, i just can't play it to the extend i'd like, so i'm handing in the towel and leaving WoW.
Hope you enjoy


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