Cow Flies from Temple of Storms to Dalaran by eggomoo
Class: Hunter | Category: Other | Server : US - Balnazzar ( Rampage )
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Eggomoo - Balnazzar US
Was bored with a mage friends, JumpJump, so decided to see if I could make it to Dalaran from the temple of Storms. With the boots I overshot it a few times. This was my best one. On a few solo ones after without the mages help, but a little noggenfogger luck I was able to make it on my own. First had my friend slow fall spam me, when that ran out I used my engineering Flexweave Underlay, as soon as I popped that I equipped my parachute cloak, which came off of the 30 sec CD just soon enough to save me from a near death.
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