Zul'Aman Sololing - Hex Lord Malacrass & Zul'Jin by Mionelol
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Illidan ( Cataclysme )
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Movie Summary
Another step towards something huge. :)

This video features Malacrass and Zul'Jin as said in the title.
I also did Nalorakk, Jan'Alai, and Akil'zon on my own. Someone helped me for Halazzi, he's clearly harder than the others and I didn't even bother trying on this timer, considering I already wiped for hours and hours a few months ago.. He ~might~ be doable with extreme luck and/or more gear. I'm still in Ulduar gear and 239 PvP weap though :P

Buffs used are Flask of Stoneblood, Fish Feast, Drums of the Forgotten Kings, Drums of the Wild, Runescrolls of Fortitude.

Spec is 28/0/43. Glyphs are Ghoul, Death Strike, Disease.
Quick tips pour Zul'Aman :
Nalorakk -> you should be at 100% hp at the start of every bear phase, and use cooldowns intelligently. Always save Bone Shield for bear phases. IBF the 1st bear phase, Mark of Blood the 2nd phase, IBF the 3rd, Empower Rune Weapon and/or Death Pact the 4th, IBF again, etc. I killed Nalorakk in 5 bear phases.
Akil'zon -> Equip a few DPS gear if you're too close on the enrage timer (I personally didn't need that and had more than 1 minute left, but that's the main challenge of the encounter). Pestilence will take care of the small birds. Try to save AMS when the nature stacking debuff has 10~ secs remaining, because he'll cast a new one shortly afterwards.
Jan'Alai -> Very easy. Just let eggs hatch one side at a time.
Hex Lord Malacrass -> His main ability while draining a Death Knight is Mark of Blood, which lasts 10 secs and is cast every 10 sec en either you or your ghoul. It regens 4% of the boss's hp for every hit, so you should stop attacking accordingly. If you fail, you'll probably wipe because he'll drain your power too much and gain too much damage, but you have a LOT of margin for error. On this kill Malacrass doesn't regen even once, and he doesn't gain more than 10 stacks.. Actually, it's isn't difficult at all. Just stop attacking at the right time and he'll go down slowly :p
Zul'Jin -> Strategy is pretty much straight-forward. AotD before P5 ensures the kill.

Soundtrack is listed in the movie.

Enjoy! :)
Blog (in french) : http://mionelol.blogspot.com
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