The Scarlet March: Fight for Hillsbrad by Royastrasz
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Maelstrom ( Shadowburn )
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Movie Summary
Do you remember when the -only- PvP that existed was Southshore vs. Hillsbrad? Do you ever miss the days when world PvP was -the- PvP?

Well then, this video might just be for you.

On the US-Maelstrom RP-PvP server the Horde guild Horde Strike Force held a "PvP BBQ" and took over Soutshore. The Scarlet March, an Alliance guild on the same server, wouldn't let them party in peace and decided to launch a counter-offensive despite being outnumbered ten to one.


Days ago in Hillsbrad the Horde Strike Force decided to host an event to bring back the old feeling of Southshore vs. Tarren Mill PvP. Despite hearing reports that there was at least a solid raid group of Horde chilling in Southshore the Scarlet March put together a small group of 10-13ish members to throw some guerrilla warfare tactics at them and see what would happen.

405 Honorable kills and 3 hours later we were all smiles.

A big thanks to HSF for hosting the event and all the other Horde that managed to show up.

The video shows highlights of the day with a few extra things thrown in. It clocks in at an impressive 32~minutes and could be even longer, but I felt that even 30 minutes was starting to push it. Also, quality isn't on the amazing side mainly because I don't have a solid location to throw a 1gig+ file on -- plus I'm not sure many people would want to download something that large.

A track listing + the source of the map can be found at the end of the video... plus I hear there is a little something extra after the credits. :p

Note: Video contains harsh language if that sort of thing bothers you. :V

- Royastrasz
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