[TEASER] TFC1 : They Chose Freedom by Ram
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--- The Story --

Wrath of the lich king... what an epic story ! since more than one year now, we took the boats and we traveled lake, valleys, mountains, in the cold lands of Northrend. We killed monsters, we had to fight together in the wintergrasp, and now we're going to face Arthas "the bad guy"...

We... all of us ? Not really…some of us have a different story… and I want to share with you one of those story ! ;-)

-- About The project and myself --


I've been very discreet since the release of my first video for the WWI of 2008 (yeah it wasn't a very good one...)

So this is it now… The first official release since…16 months ?

This is not a real Trailer because I don't have enough sequences to play with… so this is the firsts minutes of the movie, and I cut it when the title appear…sorry, this is a little short… but I think it's anyway an interesting preview...

This isn't perfect, I don't have (like a lot of us) all the time I want for making this, but I try to have fun with this project when i'm "free" :D

The french voice is an experiment, And i'm still looking for a good voice-acting for the english version, if you're interested… you have the subtitles for give a try… and you know where to contact me… ;-)

Oh, by the way, when I wrote "2010" at the end of the teaser, it's December 2010, not January (like I said, I don't have the time I want ^_^" )
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