Trev and Eroth: Desperate Measures TRAILER by Nicolas Giordano
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The world of Azeroth will never be the same again!

Trev and Eroth live in a world forever changed by their actions. May it be directly or indirectly, they will set off a series of events that changes how the people of Azeroth look at their leaders, their history, and themselves...

The first look of Trev and Eroth[/i], all the footage of this trailer is seen in the actual movie. Well actually, the first half was going to be the introduction but it got scrapped. But the second half, real movie footage! Currently, I'm a two scenes from post-production and have faith I can finish this by the 5th of December. That being said, I hope you like it and watch [i]Trev and Eroth: Episode I -Desperate Measures!

But don't get confused about the word "episode". There's only going to be four and its not going to be a series of short movies that go into the hundreds. They're about 10-20 minutes each, with Desperate Measures being the shortest (but I'm unavailable to give you a number yet).

Check out my website/blog-thing ( for more info about productions, plot, and characters these upcoming weeks.

*PLEASE NOTE: Do not get confused with a previous movie of mine called "Trev and Eroth: Episode I". That's an out-dated, piece of garbage, that does not relate to the current storyline and quality.

Chef Films
Nicolas Giordano
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