Sanctuary Algalon25 Movie by nexxen
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
This is our Algalon 25 Movie, i created this intro some months ago so i decided to finish the Algalon movie.

What may you expect:
- edited intro with fitting soundtrack music featuring the 4 keepers in hard mode
- full algalon gameplay of my rogue using some drum'n'bass to show the speed of the algalon encounter
- outro with some outtake cut scenes of algalon

enjoy watching

Megaupload/Filefront Public 7,5MBit ~490MB

Edit: If there are any problems during playback after you downloaded the video, try to change the file from avi to mp4.
I am using all available multimedia codecs für Windows Vista so i do not know on which player the video does not work, but I never had any problems during playback on VLC.
Please report. thanks
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