Boostz III Mage PVP by Rushz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Barthilas ( Bloodlust )
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Hi all.

Some of you might know me and/or Against The World from my other pvp videos that were based on the 39 bracket. I hope you enjoyed them, but this one will not be following that route.

This is a bg pvp video while levelling through 70 - 79. Apart from some aesthetic clips, all footage is taken from 74-77. I am in pure 70 gear, which generally comes down to 4 piece S2, 4 piece T6.

I hope you enjoy it, i had alot of fun making it. There are mistakes, i'm not a perfect mage by any means, but i hope it makes for some decent entertainment.

Vimeo Stream is the best quality stream.

Only real thing worth noting is the very last pvp scene, fraps died for 30 seconds between the 2 parts. Mostly just me kiting, the entry of the gnome mage and me managing to Evo. Duels were selected for their entertainment value and for how 'even' they were.

Edit: On the note of gear and outgearing, i would guess it's arguable, as i have resilience, while most of the under 78 players do not, so technically i outgear them in that aspect. However, in terms of plain gear, they are either on par, or outgear me, with wrath greens/blues, while i run pure 70 gear. Also my 70 resilienced gear, is running on an 80 resilience scale, so that by 77, resilience was giving almost no benefit at all.

Song list (In Order):

Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb (please note i had chosen this song prior to the release of Hydra's video)
Celldweller - The Last Firstborn
Dead By April - Trapped All Of My Dreams
Zebrahead - Enemy
Doctor Werewolf - Game Over Is Not The End

I've recently xferred to some friends on Cenarion Circle - Whirlwind, Alliance side under the name Boostz.

I suppose i might mention, i'll certainly hope to do future videos, but when i hit 80 here, i plan to mostly pve, with some honor/token farming while waiting for next season, which i believe is mid January. So it might take a while, but next time you guys see me, hopefully i'll have an arena/bg/duel pvp vid for you which shows some more skillful players.

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