The Blood Elf of Azeroth - Part 1 by Clarsen
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Talnivarr ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
This is a story that will follow the character Nesslow on his way to the top and to defeat The Lich Kind.

He have got the training he needed to become a Paladin and have joined the guild School Bus and are now heading for Icecrown Citadel.

The reason this movie is very short and not covering the whole level 1-80 is because this is not going to be a long history of the every minute life in Warcraft but a guide spiced up with some history so you get to know the character you will be following through many movie's.

The next movie will be longer first of all and will have boss fights plus
a few tactics through the fight. In the end of this story you will know
(if not all) then many tactics for the diffrent bosses in Icecrown Citadel
and I will cover the setup and tips on addons aswell.

My main goal with the movie is to give a 5-10 minutes movie each or
every second week instead of releasing a 1 hour movie at once.
And cover all the diffrent sides of wow such as: PVP, PVE, Questing, Lore
and so on.


All recording is done with Fraps and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.

Two Steps From Hell - Over The Pass
Two Steps From Hell - North Contry
Two Steps From Hell - Born Of Ash

I hope you enjoyed this intro and understands the idea of my movies otherwice you will see in the next one.

Leave a comment and rate please.
Any further questions you can ask by email: [email protected]
and I will respond to each one of them.

/cheers Clarsen
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