Gunship Battle "I'm On A Boat" Meta Achievment 10 Men - Sanctuary Nazjatar-EU by nexxen
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
The first four bosses of ICC are not very difficult at all, so we decided to get the metaachievments as early as possible and before the second quarter opens.

"I'm On A Boat" sounds more difficult as it was, I think you can use the same tactic in 25 Player mode.

Frapsed of a mutilate rogues pov 1. mothership, 2. enemyship, 3. canon.

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Spotlight Information 20.01.2010

You can find the music listed in my credits.
The addon that shows ap, crit etc. works for every information you want to show, you can find it here:

This was the second ICC ID i think, so tactic would be 2 groups for each 2 battlemages. In 10men mode 3-1 or if there is not enough dps 3-2 is still possible, but be sure to have a very well equipped tank to tank 3 times of battlemages with about 36 stacks on saurfang. The 40th stack cause your tank die.
Not very difficult at all, and the 2-2 tactic will be the normal way to win until now.
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